The Gap Bushfires August 1944

Following a severe winter drying off the grass and undergrowth, summer fires were a yearly event here at The Gap. Among the worst fire in the area was on Exhibition Wednesday – circa 10 August 1944 – starting from a dropped cigarette at the Ashgrove Golf Links. A strong easterly wind had it reaching Mt Nebo township within six hours. Both Ranges – Taylor Range and D’Aguilar Range – were on fire at the same time with breathing from the smoke difficult, two elderly residents were hospitalised.

Top left photo: Plowes home, middle left, and Menzies home, far right, with fire fighters on land below Taylor Range, left hand side of Waterworks Road where the cutting near the Quarry (now The Gap Tavern) was located.

Top right photo: Sid Plowes uses a wet hessian bag to contain the spread of the fire.

Bottom left photo: Fire fighters work along Plowes side fence, adjoining the Quarry (now the site of The Gap Tavern) containing the spread of the fire

Bottom right photo: Having a breather – is the fire all out? Sid Plowes.

Collection: Date: c. 1944 Contributor: Plowes Family


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